Free Winrar 3.62 License Key


Wanna get a free License key for yourself ? Although not the latest version but its sufficient enough to do all your packing/unpacking. Continue reading for the instructions.

PC Welt, a German computer magazine has just released their latest issue in Germany, in which, they are running a promotion to provide their readers with a free license key of WinRAR 3.62 (English and German editions only).

WinRAR 3.62 is not the latest version. The latest version, as far as I can remember is version 3.71, but you should be happy that they are generous enough to provide use with a free license key. At least it would be sufficient for our unpacking needs.

To get the free license key, visit the promotional website of Winrar, and fill out the form given there. The key will be sent to your email! As this is a German promotion, the website is also in German. Use the following translations of the form fields to fill it:

  • Vorname (First Name)
  • Nachname (Last Name)
  • E-Mail-Adresse (E-Mail)
  • E-Mail bestätigen (E-Mail again)
  • Land (Country)

Select Anderes Land in the pulldown menu if you are not living in one of the mentioned countries. After you complete the form, click on the Abschicken (Send/Sumbit) button, and then check your mail. The mail will contain two links. The second one will lead you to the key, because the first one is the link to their special offer to purchase the latest version of WinRAR at a discounted price.

Then click Download des Lizenzschlüssels to download the key to your computer. Now download winrar, and install it. Then unpack the contents of the key you downloaded in the WinRAR directory. WinRAR willcheck for the key automatically and your copy of the application will be registered!

Linux/CentOS/Redhat – How to check for HDD Usage Time


Basicly you can check how long has your harddisk been powered on with the command below

The sample below shows the harddisk has been powered on for 9577 hours which you can calculate to 399 days. Which also means that the harddisk is more then a year old.

# smartctl -a /dev/sda | grep Power_On
  9 Power_On_Hours          0x0032   090   090   000    Old_age   Always       -       9577

How to Sync iCloud Contacts to Android

Sync iCloud Contacts to Android

I managed to get iCloud Contact Sync working on Android devices, this should work for every single CardDav compatible device.

On Android, install a CardDav app, this one is great and free.
  1. Add an account in CardDav
  2. For Server name enter
  3. Make sure SSL is checked
  4. For username enter your iCloud username (example and password enter your iCloud password.
  5. Press Ok, wait a few seconds for it to confirm
And voilla, your iCloud contacts now sync with your Android device, it may take a few minutes for them to show up.

I hope this helps

Update: You may also wish to enable two-way sync with iCloud, I’ve enabled this and have had no issues.

Rapidshare to Rapidshare Remote Uploading Solution


A week ago, Rapidshare has taken a major step to prevent bandwidth leeching. Rapidshare to Rapidshare (Inter Server Transfer) are being disable. Previously you could just re-upload or close by placing back an Rapidshare Link on the remote upload screen. provided u have a premium account. But now it has been blocked.

After sourcing over the internet for solutions, i found one that are still working as of this entry is being typed. Please refer to the instructions below on how to get it work. You need to be a premium member to work.

1. Get the link which you would like to upload/clone The link will look something like this ( )

2. Go to and convert the link you copied above to a link ( looks something like this after converted.)

3. Put the link which you copied above to the remote upload.

4. Click on upload and Voila. Its remote uploading again.

How to Bypass Waiting Timer / Countdown


TEST LINK ( This is just a wall paper )

-Click Download
-Wait until you see countdown
-Using Firefox click View>Page Style and select No Style.
Now you should see something like this:

Depositfiles Timer

Where it says (If you don’t see the code or the code is unreadable,
please click here to refresh it.
) Click Refresh.

Video Link Download here

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