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Google Voice

Google Voice Returns to iTunes Store


Last week, Apple informed Google Voice Mobile developer Sean Kovacs that he could resubmit his app to iTunes and that it would most likely be accepted. True to form, Kovacs recently submitted Google Voice Mobile to the iTunes App Store where it was subsequently welcomed back with open arms. Early on Sunday morning, Google Voice Mobile appeared on iTunes where it’s now available as $2.99 download. You can check it out over here.

It was a absolute turnover from the July 2009 decision whereby Apple rejected Google’s mobile software program “Google Voice” from the iTunes App Store. Google then come out with an brilliant HTML5 solution to enable all the IGadget ( Iphone, Ipad, Ipod ) to continue utilizing Google Voice.

Just in case that you still do not have any idea what is Google Voice, Do View the Short Introduction Clip below …


How To Hack the Rapidshare Waiting Time


How to hack rapidshare waiting time

Steps :-

1. Open up any rapidshare download link and click download as Free User

2. Once the timer is running, type in javascript:alert(c=0) in the address bar.

3. A message will appear that won’t show anything else but the number 0, go ahead and click OK on the message.

4. The download button will immediately appear and you can start your download immediately.

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