A week ago, Rapidshare has taken a major step to prevent bandwidth leeching. Rapidshare to Rapidshare (Inter Server Transfer) are being disable. Previously you could just re-upload or close by placing back an Rapidshare Link on the remote upload screen. provided u have a premium account. But now it has been blocked.

After sourcing over the internet for solutions, i found one that are still working as of this entry is being typed. Please refer to the instructions below on how to get it work. You need to be a premium member to work.

1. Get the link which you would like to upload/clone The link will look something like this ( http://yourusername:password@rs241.rapidshare.com:80/files/35467964/dl/files.to.be.upload.again.at.rapidshare.rar )

2. Go to tinyurl.com and convert the link you copied above to a tinyurl.com link ( looks something like this http://tinyurl.com/323452 after converted.)

3. Put the link which you copied above to the remote upload.

4. Click on upload and Voila. Its remote uploading again.