Denial of Service is when the web server is so bombarded with requests that it literally gives up serving anyone! Distributed DoS is when this attack is planned using various machines.

What is the easiest way to make DDoS work? Well, anyone wanting to DDoS a website can do something like this: Ten or hundred people all accessing the same website keep pressing CTRL+R or F5 (refresh) the same page for like about an hour or so will end up making the website unusable… but that’s a crude method isn’t it. So how do you actually use BT5 for this. Well there is a tool called slowloris. Slowloris is a tool which holds connections open by sending partial HTTP requests. So the webserver doesn’t know what to do with the partial request and keeps waiting. Now if you do this over and over again, there are so many requests open that the web server has to give up serving anyone!

So how do you go about using Slowloris:

Get Slowloris here, download it & change permissions.

#chmod =x

That’s it, you are now ready to go ahead DDoSing some website… For this, you would run it like this:

#perl ./ -dns <Website_IP> -timeout <in milisec> [optional] -num <int> [number of parallel sockets to be opened] -cache [optional] – press Enter/ Return

#perl ./ -dns -timeout 30 -num 500 -cache

If you are too lazy and dont mind the default values, you can just go ahead with:

#perl ./ -dns <IP>