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Google Voice Returns to iTunes Store


Last week, Apple informed Google Voice Mobile developer Sean Kovacs that he could resubmit his app to iTunes and that it would most likely be accepted. True to form, Kovacs recently submitted Google Voice Mobile to the iTunes App Store where it was subsequently welcomed back with open arms. Early on Sunday morning, Google Voice Mobile appeared on iTunes where it’s now available as $2.99 download. You can check it out over here.

It was a absolute turnover from the July 2009 decision whereby Apple rejected Google’s mobile software program “Google Voice” from the iTunes App Store. Google then come out with an brilliant HTML5 solution to enable all the IGadget ( Iphone, Ipad, Ipod ) to continue utilizing Google Voice.

Just in case that you still do not have any idea what is Google Voice, Do View the Short Introduction Clip below …

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Google New HTML5 Logo September 7th 2010


The latest interactive ‘Google Doodle’ comes days after the company celebrated its 12th birthday with a special ‘Buckyball’ logo. Users are able to bounce the ‘balls’ that make up the Google logo around the screen, before they eventually regroup to write the word Google. To view Google Doodle you can go to the country websites of google such as :-

View when Normal

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View Upon Mouse Over

Upon Mouse Over

Google Calendar Sync with Microsoft Outlook


Google has released a free tool called Google Calendar Sync for users to sync between their Microsoft Outlook calendar and Google Calendar. No more missing meeting when you have no access to office PC.

Google Calendar Sync

The windows only tool that allows you to sync events between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. You can choose the sync direction and the frequency.

The main advantage of sync between calendar is that you can access your calendar events anytime anywhere on Google Calendar (as long as you have Internet access). The new events you added on Google Calendar when you are not in office will be added to office PC’s Microsoft Outlook Calendar after sync.

How to use Google Calendar Sync?

  1. Download Google Calendar Sync (windows only)
  2. Install the tool.
  3. Configure the Google Calendar Sync’s settings

Google Calendar Sync will stay in your Windows System Tray, and automatically sync your calendar on sync time interval. You can also right-click on the calendar icon to sync manually or access Google Calendar Sync Settings window.

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