Wanna get a free License key for yourself ? Although not the latest version but its sufficient enough to do all your packing/unpacking. Continue reading for the instructions.

PC Welt, a German computer magazine has just released their latest issue in Germany, in which, they are running a promotion to provide their readers with a free license key of WinRAR 3.62 (English and German editions only).

WinRAR 3.62 is not the latest version. The latest version, as far as I can remember is version 3.71, but you should be happy that they are generous enough to provide use with a free license key. At least it would be sufficient for our unpacking needs.

To get the free license key, visit the promotional website of Winrar, and fill out the form given there. The key will be sent to your email! As this is a German promotion, the website is also in German. Use the following translations of the form fields to fill it:

  • Vorname (First Name)
  • Nachname (Last Name)
  • E-Mail-Adresse (E-Mail)
  • E-Mail bestätigen (E-Mail again)
  • Land (Country)

Select Anderes Land in the pulldown menu if you are not living in one of the mentioned countries. After you complete the form, click on the Abschicken (Send/Sumbit) button, and then check your mail. The mail will contain two links. The second one will lead you to the key, because the first one is the link to their special offer to purchase the latest version of WinRAR at a discounted price.

Then click Download des Lizenzschlüssels to download the key to your computer. Now download winrar, and install it. Then unpack the contents of the key you downloaded in the WinRAR directory. WinRAR willcheck for the key automatically and your copy of the application will be registered!